I Had No Idea This Would Be So Life-Changing.  
Sarah Remmert
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Maura Thomas
Author, Personal Productivity Secrets
Most widely-cited expert on Attention Management  
Creator of the Empowered Productivity™ System

What Clients Say:
More from the Audience:
"I personally regained lost hours in my day..."
This training helped us achieve a level of productivity that has generated profit from process. Not only did we redefine our business operations, I personally regained lost hours in my day. Anxiety has been replaced with a cooler, more strategically-focused business owner. 

The value that this training provides isn’t measured in dollars but in peace of mind.
Christopher Justice - CEO, Sparksight
"One of the best ever..."
I think this meeting will go down in history as one of the best ever for us!  
Our attendees LOVED, LOVED, LOVED you!!
Shirley Robinson - Texas Hospital Trustees
"I couldn’t write fast enough..."
LOVED this training! Maura is wonderful.  She shared so many great tips and strategies…I couldn’t write fast enough.  She has a fresh new way of looking at “the busy workday.” 

I was a little worried that it would be the same thing I’ve already read about and had trouble implementing, but the training was incredibly beneficial.
Katie Chatfield - St. Louis, MO
"One of the best business decisions I made this year..."
This training taught me techniques that have made me much more productive in my career and increased my top line revenues. But I most notice the impact the training has had in general.  
I am far less stressed while I get more done in every aspect of my life. 

It was one of the best business decisions I made this year.
Griffin Davis - Vice President – Market Hardware
"Cannot imagine a better way to organize my day..."
I was blown away by Maura’s productivity system, with its real-world practicality and outstanding tools. I religiously apply what I learned from Maura and cannot imagine a better way to organize my day. 
Craig McGee - Orion Engineered Carbons, Kingwood, TX
"Yours is the first one that makes sense..."
I just wanted to say "thank you" for a fantastic presentation! I’ve attended many 'time management' trainings and presentations in my career. Yours is the first one that makes sense.
Alana - Chicago, IL
"One of the best investments of time..."
“I have to admit that attending this seminar was probably one of the best investments of time that I have had the privilege of participating in.”
Debbie Amelung - St. Louis, MO
"The 'buzz' in the office is all about productivity..."
Thank you for your tremendous workshop last week. The “buzz” in the office is all about productivity in the days after the workshop, and I have heard nothing but great feedback! 
William Minter - Vice President, PinnacleART, Houston, TX
"I encourage others to take advantage of what you have to teach..."
Taking your training has made me realize how inefficient my prior work-life management “system” was!  After just one day of utilizing your recommended tool and methodology, I already felt more in control and, as a result, slept better. 

I am excited about the long-term results of your program for myself and my team, and 
I encourage others to take advantage of what you have to teach. 
Victoria Yeager - Head of Contracts and Compliance, Genentech, Inc.
"Love, love, love, the tools you recommend!"
Since your training, everything is going fantastic and I love, love, love, the tools you recommend! 
I have been using the principles from the seminar and I have found so much more time in my day.

Thank you!!! 
Dana Garaventa, Human Resources Manager, Opus One Winery, Oakville, CA
"Extremely practical and easy to implement..."
The techniques you’ve given us are extremely practical and easy to implement. 
You are so dialed in to what each of us experiences on a daily basis. 

Thank you for providing such an approachable system that anyone can do. 
Amy Solliday, Vice President, Field Store Operations, Old Navy
"By far the best productivity program I have ever experienced..."
I’m a past student of yours and I constantly revisit my notes from that awesome day of learning 
from you!  Yours was by far the best productivity program I have ever experienced. 
Katie Chatfield, Health Coach
"We left the training feeling inspired, enlightened 
and ready to take on the to-do lists..."
Maura delivered a fantastic presentation.  Her humor and enthusiasm kept us engaged 
and excited to learn all of her strategies for productivity. 

We left the training feeling inspired, enlightened and ready to take on the to-do lists that had previously overwhelmed us in both our personal and professional lives.  Thank you Maura! 
Ellie DeLuca, SalonCentric, division of L’Oreal, NY, NY
"Absolutely changed the way I work..."
I did find your session extremely valuable and it has absolutely changed the way I work.  
I am more organized and I am accomplishing a lot more day in and day out for myself, 
my team and the organization as a whole. 

I’ve made meetings more impactful, I’ve managed my emails better, I have been able to more effectively work through multiple projects simultaneously and still get normal 
day-to-day activities done.  Thanks again! 
Sue Godfrey, CUNA Mutual Retirement Services, Madison, WI
"Spot on and eye-opening..."
Your message was spot on and the information was eye-opening. I’ve heard nothing but praise from the attendees.  And I can’t say that I’ve ever witnessed a more “professional” presentation. 
Phil Condra - University of Texas System
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