I Had No Idea This Would Be So Life-Changing.  
Sarah Remmert
Workshop starts in:
Good News, San Francisco!
Empowered Productivity™ is coming to the Bay Area on Tuesday, February 5th.

In this live workshop, you'll discover the secrets of regaining control over...
  • Your time
  •  Your attention
  •  Your work
  •  Your life!
If you're not familiar with my books and my work, you can see the results others have experienced below.

I would love for you to experience these benefits too. 
So I invite you to join us for a full day of live training, and I'll teach you my proprietary, life-changing, Empowered Productivity System step-by-step.

Don’t miss this rare one-day opportunity to invest in yourself and your career... you'll be glad you did!
Maura Thomas
Speaker, Trainer, Author
Recognized expert on productivity, work-life balance, and attention management
Creator of the Empowered Productivity™ System

Thank You Singapore!
Wow, what a great event!  I hope you had almost as much fun as I did.

I'm already looking forward to next year!

In the meantime, if you'd like to have a copy of my slide deck, here's the link:
Katherine Keynote
Author, Speaker
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 Empowered Productivity™ LIVE Workshop 
Tuesday, Feb. 5th, 2019
9am to 5pm
2115 Ringwood Ave.
San Jose, CA
Here’s a Sample of What You’ll 
Discover in this Workshop:
  Why time management doesn’t work --- and why Attention Management™ is the most important skill for the 21st century.
  A proven step-by-step system for eliminating clutter, confusion and chaos.
  How to prevent the distractions that sabotage your productivity and performance.
  The number one cause of stress and and worry --- and how to start reducing it—beginning now.
  The truth about information overload and how to overcome it.
  The top two things that are stealing your attention and how to regain control.
  How to get maximum benefit from the tools you’re already using --- for PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets --- to save you time and effort.  
  A simple method for dealing with all the email, paper, and other clutter  that comes into your life.
  The 4 reasons you’re drowning in email, and how to get to an empty inbox without letting things fall through the cracks.
  How to get control of your day, eliminate surprises, and put yourself back in the driver's seat.
  The secrets to achieving your most significant results, personally and professionally.
"I spent years trying different approaches and... this one has worked the best."
- Julie Remde
Featured in
What's included:
This is NOT another seminar on "time management" or "work-life balance."

Empowered Productivity is a step-by-step system that will help you quickly regain control over your time, your attention, and all of the details of your life and work.
  One Full Day of Live Training 
First you get a full day of dedicated in-person training with the expert who literally wrote the book on personal productivity.

Attendance is capped to make sure you get individual attention and answers to your questions in a small group setting.

Lunch, refreshments, and the opportunity to network with like-minded local business leaders are included!
  The Book: Personal Productivity Secrets
You'll also receive your own copy of Maura's groundbreaking book:

Personal Productivity Secrets: Do what you never thought possible with your time and attention, and regain control of your life! called a "game-changer" and a "home run!"
  Follow Up Training & Support
After the live seminar, the training continues with 90 days of follow up support to help you stay on track, hone your new skills, and keep old bad habits from creeping back in.
In the end, the techniques you learn will help you regain two hours or more of productive time per day --- not to mention happiness, peace of mind, and greater satisfaction from your days!

It's been called "life changing", a "lifesaver", and "invaluable." (See for yourself, below!)

And now you can take advantage of the special early bird price of just $395 per person.

That includes the full day of live training, the book, and the 90-day follow up program.

Most people recoup their investment within the first few days after the seminar in time saved alone.
"One of the best things I have ever done."
- Mike Cornett
 Empowered Productivity™ LIVE Workshop
Tuesday, Feb. 5th, 2019
9am to 5pm
2115 Ringwood Ave.
San Jose, CA
About Maura
In 2011, publishing giant John Wiley & Sons invited Maura Thomas  to literally write the book on personal productivity.

That was the beginning of her runaway success as a writer and author of now three books: Personal Productivity Secrets (2012), Work Without Walls (2017), and a third coming out in 2019.

Her work and her expertise have been featured in hundreds of national media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Fast Company, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, US News and World Report, and the Huffington Post, and she is a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, with articles there viewed over a million times.

Maura is also a TEDx Speaker (2013), founder (in 2003) of Regain Your Time, awarded as a Certified Speaking Professional by the National Speaker’s Association (a distinction held by only 12% of members worldwide) and she was also named a Top Leadership Speaker for 2018 in Inc. Magazine.

Clients of her productivity speaking and training services include the likes of the U.S. Army, Kaiser Permanente, Dell, Old Navy, and the American Heart Association.

Her presentation style is described most often by audiences as fun, informative, entertaining, and inspiring.
Who should attend?
This productivity workshop is right for you if:
  • You are driven and ambitious and have a busy life by choice, but just wish it weren't so exhausting.
  •  You feel like you were busy all day, but often can’t name even one meaningful thing you did.
  • You're organized by nature, but still feel stressed out and anxious that you're forgetting something important.
  • You struggle to sync your work life with your personal life — and always feel like some parts are being neglected.
  • The amount of time you spend working, or on your device(s), is a source of tension with important people in your life.
  • You're more productive than most people, but are always looking for an edge.
  • You are overwhelmed with email, social media, piles of paper --- and a million other distractions weighing you down on a daily basis.
  • Your email inbox is so full that you have a constant, gnawing sense of anxiety over what might be lurking in there.
  • You stay up at night with that annoying “What am I forgetting?” feeling.
  • You have trouble sleeping because your brain is “spinning” with all the things you need to do.
  • You often buy new productivity apps for your device because you just haven’t found the right one yet.
  • You’ve tried and given up on time management and productivity systems in the past, but long for a simpler, faster way.
  • You struggle tracking and keeping the deadlines and commitments that you make to other people, and they make to you.
    Past attendees include:

    C-level Executives

    Business Owners


    Sales Managers

    Sales Reps

    Marketing Managers

    Social Media Managers

    Executive Assistants

    Project Managers

    Office Workers

    Knowledge Workers

    Office Managers




    Account Managers


    Graphic Designers

    Art Directors

    Executive Directors


    Finance Managers


    Human Resource Managers

    Learning and Development Managers

    Vice Presidents 

    Account Executives 

    Financial Planners

    Mortgage Brokers

    Real Estate Agents 

    Administrative Assistants

    Insurance Agents



    "Cannot imagine a better way to organize my day..."
    - Craig McGee
    Whether you need to make a drastic change in your life --- or you feel like you have it together for the most part...
    Do yourself a favor and attend this workshop!
     Empowered Productivity™ LIVE Workshop
    Tuesday, Feb. 5th, 2019
    9am to 5pm
    2115 Ringwood Ave.
    San Jose, CA
    What Clients Say
    "In the first four weeks after the workshop, I not only accomplished  more than I had the previous four to five months, but I literally doubled what I made in the previous four to five months.

    It makes sense, it works, and it's cleared up a ton of my time.  I worked less hours, and I've
    got a lot more free mental space.  

    I can't even express how much of a time saver it's been, how much I just believe in this material, and how it has just made such a big difference.  Not only in my business but the free mental time I have on my personal side.

    So I encourage you to check it out.

    It will make such a difference in your world."
    "Doubled what I made in the first four weeks than the previous four months."
    Ken Kuznia
    Business Owner - Executive Search
    "Really impacted my work... and pretty much the whole office."
    Ami Kane
    Director of Development - Non-Profit
    "I just wanted to share how Maura's book and system has really impacted my work in particular and also the work of pretty much  the whole office.

    It's allowed me to be so much more productive I feel really good going into work.

    We all implement this in the office.  It's  really changed how I communicate day-to-day.

    We're all on the same page... we are really able to work most efficiently.

    And it's all  thanks to Maura and her system, so we really do highly recommend it."
    "I went to a training in Austin with Maura... just trying to get a better handle on my workload.

    When I realized it's not just about work, it's about keeping organized for your entire life.

    I have been using the system for several years now... I had no idea it was going to be that life-changing for me."
    "I had no idea it was going to be 
    that life-changing."
    Sarah Remmert
    Manager - Education Administration
    "So much peace of mind 
    it's incredible."
    Jason Harden
    CEO, Pacific Eagle Electric
    "I am one of your biggest advocates.

    As a business owner, your system absolutely brings me so much peace of mind it's incredible."
    "Maura's a rock star.  She does a fantastic job helping you take something that really seems difficult and boiling it down to something executable and basic.

    My head spun around when she talked about defending your attention.

    She helped us a lot.  She can help people of 
    all ages in all professions.

    Spending an  hour with Maura is like spending 10 hours getting your work done, because that one hour of education is going to make everything else that you're doing that much more productive.

    Do yourself a favor and go see one of Maura's talks, because you will not regret it."
    "Do yourself a favor and go see one of Maura's talks... you will not regret it."
    "I've never spent four hours listening to such outstanding 'how to' information that will make my life, my work 125 times better.

    In terms of organization... use of Outlook... organizing the paper that now clutters my desk...

    A truly, truly, truly valuable learning experience.
    The hours flew by. 

    The information was outstanding and Maura's presence as part of it was the icing on the cake.

    What a joy!"
    "I've never spent four hours listening to such outstanding 'how to' information."
    Tim Wright
    Training Manager
    "My life just got easier."
    Rod Dailey
    Manager - Kaiser Permanente
    "We completed the training today which was fantastic. 

    The thing that I liked the most is we’ve got a set of quick and easy steps that we can take back to our desks tomorrow morning and probably spend, at most, 15 minutes, and bring ourselves up to speed. 

    My life just got easier!"
     Empowered Productivity™ LIVE Workshop
    Tuesday, Feb. 5th, 2019
    9am to 5pm
    2115 Ringwood Ave.
    San Jose, CA
    More from the Audience
    "I personally regained lost hours in my day..."
    This training helped us achieve a level of productivity that has generated profit from process. Not only did we redefine our business operations, I personally regained lost hours in my day. Anxiety has been replaced with a cooler, more strategically-focused business owner. 

    The value that this training provides isn’t measured in dollars but in peace of mind.
    Christopher Justice - CEO, Sparksight
    "One of the best ever..."
    I think this meeting will go down in history as one of the best ever for us!  
    Our attendees LOVED, LOVED, LOVED you!!
    Shirley Robinson - Texas Hospital Trustees
    "I couldn’t write fast enough..."
    LOVED this training! Maura is wonderful.  She shared so many great tips and strategies…I couldn’t write fast enough.  She has a fresh new way of looking at “the busy workday.” 

    I was a little worried that it would be the same thing I’ve already read about and had trouble implementing, but the training was incredibly beneficial.
    Katie Chatfield - St. Louis, MO
    "One of the best business decisions I made this year..."
    This training taught me techniques that have made me much more productive in my career and increased my top line revenues. But I most notice the impact the training has had in general.  
    I am far less stressed while I get more done in every aspect of my life. 

    It was one of the best business decisions I made this year.
    Griffin Davis - Vice President – Market Hardware
    "Cannot imagine a better way to organize my day..."
    I was blown away by Maura’s productivity system, with its real-world practicality and outstanding tools. I religiously apply what I learned from Maura and cannot imagine a better way to organize my day. 
    Craig McGee - Orion Engineered Carbons, Kingwood, TX
    "Yours is the first one that makes sense..."
    I just wanted to say "thank you" for a fantastic presentation! I’ve attended many 'time management' trainings and presentations in my career. Yours is the first one that makes sense.
    Alana - Chicago, IL
    "One of the best investments of time..."
    “I have to admit that attending this seminar was probably one of the best investments of time that I have had the privilege of participating in.”
    Debbie Amelung - St. Louis, MO
    "The 'buzz' in the office is all about productivity..."
    Thank you for your tremendous workshop last week. The “buzz” in the office is all about productivity in the days after the workshop, and I have heard nothing but great feedback! 
    William Minter - Vice President, PinnacleART, Houston, TX
    "I encourage others to take advantage of what you have to teach..."
    Taking your training has made me realize how inefficient my prior work-life management “system” was!  After just one day of utilizing your recommended tool and methodology, I already felt more in control and, as a result, slept better. 

    I am excited about the long-term results of your program for myself and my team, and 
    I encourage others to take advantage of what you have to teach. 
    Victoria Yeager - Head of Contracts and Compliance, Genentech, Inc.
    "Love, love, love, the tools you recommend!"
    Since your training, everything is going fantastic and I love, love, love, the tools you recommend! 
    I have been using the principles from the seminar and I have found so much more time in my day.

    Thank you!!! 
    Dana Garaventa, Human Resources Manager, Opus One Winery, Oakville, CA
    "Extremely practical and easy to implement..."
    The techniques you’ve given us are extremely practical and easy to implement. 
    You are so dialed in to what each of us experiences on a daily basis. 

    Thank you for providing such an approachable system that anyone can do. 
    Amy Solliday, Vice President, Field Store Operations, Old Navy
    "By far the best productivity program I have ever experienced..."
    I’m a past student of yours and I constantly revisit my notes from that awesome day of learning 
    from you!  Yours was by far the best productivity program I have ever experienced. 
    Katie Chatfield, Health Coach
    "We left the training feeling inspired, enlightened,
    and ready..."
    Maura delivered a fantastic presentation.  Her humor and enthusiasm kept us engaged 
    and excited to learn all of her strategies for productivity. 

    We left the training feeling inspired, enlightened and ready to take on the to-do lists that had previously overwhelmed us in both our personal and professional lives.  Thank you Maura! 
    Ellie DeLuca, SalonCentric, division of L’Oreal, NY, NY
    "Absolutely changed the way I work..."
    I did find your session extremely valuable and it has absolutely changed the way I work.  
    I am more organized and I am accomplishing a lot more day in and day out for myself, 
    my team and the organization as a whole. 

    I’ve made meetings more impactful, I’ve managed my emails better, I have been able to more effectively work through multiple projects simultaneously and still get normal 
    day-to-day activities done.  Thanks again! 
    Sue Godfrey, CUNA Mutual Retirement Services, Madison, WI
    "Spot on and eye-opening..."
    Your message was spot on and the information was eye-opening. I’ve heard nothing but praise from the attendees.  And I can’t say that I’ve ever witnessed a more “professional” presentation. 
    Phil Condra - University of Texas System
     Empowered Productivity™ LIVE Workshop
    Tuesday, Feb. 5th, 2019
    9am to 5pm
    2115 Ringwood Ave.
    San Jose, CA
    The Venue
    The seminar will be held at:

    2115 Ringwood Ave.
    San Jose, CA  95131
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